Update to monster file

Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Fri May 3 22:17:25 CEST 2002

  Ok.  Updated my monster file with the errata stuff fixes.
  But Wout helped to answer some of my questions but didn't
  get to these anyone have answers to the following on that
  old post I made?

   15.  Earth Giants - Why can't cast magic while not in contact with
        the earth this makes no sense.  Should be able to cast
        magic ONLY while in contact with earth to me?

   16.  Gorgon - When removing the curse does the woman appear
        in place of the gorgon like the frog fairy tale?  I assume yes.

   18.  Jinn - Must have container to control.  Must be in the
        hands at all times?  Can it be in your home?  Your saddle?

   19.  Peri - If they are the wives of Eblis shouldn't they be
        in the upper world?

   21.  HC - How do they determine these values ?  Just curious.

   22.  Ogre/Orchi - Why these 2?  I mean they don't seem much
        different at all to me?
   25.  Anyone have good Morale rules setup for them?  Gamma World
        has some and I've adapted mine from them but since I saw
        mention of morale for creatures I'd ask.

For those who want to fix their copies of the monster.txt I sent
out just edit the below takes a minute or two:

Elder Dragon
The CDF for the Elder Dragon is 14, not 18.

The CDF of the Merkabah is 8 not 10.

Trolls, Troll
The base Agility of a Troll is 8 not 18.

Scorpion people
The OCV of a Scorpion Woman is 3 not 93.

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