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Thu Jan 31 23:08:19 CET 2002

You guys know I like Text over pdfs and such (easier to edit and access
universally :)).
Anyways been adding some monsters to my monster file from book 3.  About 4
monsters used in current/upcoming situations in my games (pbem/live).  Anyways
below is a list of what I have so far.  If anyone wants it let me know (the

   File Contains Info on following:

      Antelope                  Alignment - None
      Asp                       Alignment - None
      Bear                      Alignment - None
      Boar                      Alignment - None
      Camel                     Alignment - None
      Cat                       Alignment - None
      Cliff Bear                Alignment - None
      Deer                      Alignment - None
      Desert Lion               Alignment - Chaos
      Dog I (Domestic Dog)      Alignment - None
      Dog II (Domestic Dog)     Alignment - None
      Dog III (Domestic Dog)    Alignment - None
      Donkey                    Alignment - None
      Draft Horse               Alignment - None
      Eagle                     Alignment - None
      Falcon                    Alignment - None
      Goat                      Alignment - None
      Hawk                      Alignment - None
      Hyena                     Alignment - None
      Leopard                   Alignment - None
      Lion                      Alignment - None
      Ox                        Alignment - None
      Riding Horses -
      Riding Horse I (Steppe Pony)   Alignment - None
      Riding Horse II (Mustang)      Alignment - None
      Riding Horse III               Alignment - None
      Riding Horse IV                Alignment - None
      Swamp Buffalo                  Alignment - None
      Tiger                          Alignment - None
      War Horses -
      War Horse I                    Alignment - None
      War Horse II (Steppe Horse)    Alignment - None
      War Horse III                  Alignment - None
      War Horse IV                   Alignment - None
      Waste Lion                     Alignment - Kotothi
      Wild Cat                       Alignment - None
      Wild Dog                       Alignment - None
      Wolf                           Alignment - None
      Zehani Wolf                    Alignment - Balance
   Alal (!)      Alignment: Chaos
   Asaghi                         Alignment - Balance
   Asrai                          Alignment - Elder
   Basilisk                       Alignment - Chaos
   Cait Sith                      Alignment - Elder
   Demon Steed (!)                Alignment: Chaos
     Air Elementals            Alignment - Elder
     Earth Elementals          Alignment - Elder
     Fire Elementals           Alignment - Elder
     Water Elementals          Alignment - Elder
   Gargoyle                Alignment: Chaos
   Griffin (!)             Alignment: Chaos
   Hippogriff              Alignment: Chaos
   SearBhani               Alignment - Elder
   Sprite                  Alignment - Kotothi
   Troll                   Alignmnet - Kotothi
   Zehani                  Alignment - Balance

Notepad messed up the tabs..oh well

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Half a mile between them?! (I'd been thinking about 100-900 feet). Sounds
like it will all be over before we could get there.
    As Z'leyra is evidently asleep and unaware of any problem she continues
to sleep till she wakes.


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