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>But learning is not just planning something, and then proving that it works.
>If you raise your arm, that just happens to have a shield on it, in time to
>block a stone being thrown at your head, it takes a pretty dense being not
>to realize that the reflex they just used might not be used in a less random

If your raising the shield to scratch your head and just happen to block the
and might not even know it happeened since you don't notice that's not
or experience.  It is simply scratching your head.  Stuff like that should
not be given experience.  IMHO.
>The experience and expertise system used here is fairly unique, and one of
>the main problems peopole have with it.  traking expertise for each skill
>does lead to book-keeping.  But it adds a relatively simple layer of
>realism.  Instead of trying to track each swing, I let the dice do that for
>me.  A shield hit, which occurs about 50% of the time, is just that; a use
>of a shield defensively.  If the shield is not ready, as in a surprise
>round, the shield hit becomes a normal hit.

I have no problem with the bookeeping or system of point gains.  Its just
is a fine line sometimes between knowing how to use a shield in combat and
just happen to be in the right place and right time like above.  

>What about the Tower shield?  That question was asked.  The skill in using a
>tower shield, not to mention the strength needed to use it effectively, is
>fighting around it as much as hiding behind it.  If you wanted to build a
>"Hide behind wall while fighting" skill, it would be the same thing.  The
>skill of still fighting, but using the wall (non-mobile) to you advantage or
>your opponents disadvantage.

ITs like cops who dive behind a car to avoid bullets.  Do they get
car hiding shield expertise?  it gets a bit silly if things are taken to
the extreme.  That's basically what I'm saying in all this.

>Just my thoughts...

Mine too..

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