another P&P game (P&P #2)

Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Thu Sep 13 05:42:19 CEST 2001

At 08:12 PM 9/11/01 -0800, you wrote: 
> Hi,
>     Too bad magic doesn't work in the real world. Be nice to use it versus
> certain terrorists...
> Anyway only 3 have shown interest so far. I may start the game if 6+ show
> sufficient interest.
> Note that I plan on this being a fast-paced adventure. Don't join if you
> won't contribute at least once per week.

Tell me about it.  Vengefull horror comes to mind.

> HOUSE RULES for (P&P #2)
> Actually each should provide me with a 12-digit number to be used as the
> for a pseudo-random number generator as well as race, sex and culture of
> their character. I will then inform the player what their numbers are (they
> can place the native abilities at their choice), their specials etc.

Ack.  No pre-gens ..shucks..finally get to play and I can't generate a guy.
My luck...

> Note that the adventure STARTS in Donara, just south of Caldo (a year after
> the trial and death of Baron Doran in Mordara). Characters need a reason to
> be there. 

I'll have to research it and get back to you.  Tons of e-mails to wade thorugh
and get a update for the game out...But donara is good.  Plenty of experience

> Spellcasters will typically not be informed of their current casting ability
> or energy level. Exceeding these limits will have detrimental effects. (Yes,
> I will keep track of these and other stats.)

Ack.  That's not good but a good player can keep track of it as well.  

>             Those interested should let me know.       Alex Koponen
> Will do...if I forget e-mail me you know me I might forget :)  With all
> things going on its possible. 

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