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I would be interested.

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>Subject: another P&P game (P&P #2)
>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 20:12:17 -0800
>     Too bad magic doesn't work in the real world. Be nice to use it versus
>certain terrorists...
>Anyway only 3 have shown interest so far. I may start the game if 6+ show
>sufficient interest.
>Note that I plan on this being a fast-paced adventure. Don't join if you
>won't contribute at least once per week.
>HOUSE RULES for (P&P #2)
>Actually each should provide me with a 12-digit number to be used as the
>seed for a pseudo-random number generator as well as race, sex and culture
>of their character. I will then inform the player what their numbers are
>(they can place the native abilities at their choice), their specials etc.
>Note that the adventure STARTS in Donara, just south of Caldo (a year after
>the trial and death of Baron Doran in Mordara). Characters need a reason to
>be there.
>The first weapon skill chosen by the player MUST be one of the favored
>weapons listed for his culture.  Starting EL for combat skills is EL0.
>Starting EL for other skills is the Character's Current Maximum skill
>divided by the number of attributes used to determine the Maximum level in
>the skill. Payment of the basic cost to learn a combat skill will get the
>character EL 0 in that skill. If double the listed cost to learn is paid,
>the character gets a starting level as for non-combat skills with the same
>EL range. (Or one can pay to learn to a lessor degree).
>Weapons wielded in two hands have advantages and disadvantages. The obvious
>disadvantage is that it takes both hands, thus preventing use of a second
>weapon or shield. Against missiles in particular this can be perilous. The
>advantages with two handed weapons are their reach, WSB, FV and the ability
>to use full weapon EL vs ALL melee opponents to their front (not just put
>towards a single opponent or split between opponents as with one-handed
>weapons). The same amount of EL applied defensively towards one applies to
>all melee opponents. Further, leverage allowed by two-handed use means that
>weaker people can use the weapon (at WSB-1). Thus while a Bastard Sword
>WSB+1 requires a SB of +1 to use one- handed, someone with SB of 0 can use
>it two-handed. Similarly a Great Sword WSB+2 only requires SB+1 to use as
>it is a two-handed weapon. A Spear WSB0 can be used two- handed by those of
>Multiplier Increase Option will be available.
>Any time where a skill is duplicated, the player may choose to give the
>character another related skill of the same value or the maximum EL
>currently possible in the skill that is duplicated. {This applies only when
>a group skill is bought that duplicates a Common Knowledge skill of that
>The following will be explained individually to those making spellcasters.
>Spellcasters will be limited in the number of spells they can learn before
>play. (as per npc spellcasters)
>Spellcasters will have additional downsides to spell failures.
>Spellcasters will typically not be informed of their current casting
>ability or energy level. Exceeding these limits will have detrimental
>effects. (Yes, I will keep track of these and other stats.)
>             Those interested should let me know.       Alex Koponen

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