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Wed Sep 12 07:32:11 CEST 2001

Hello Alex,

AK> Actually each should provide me with a 12-digit number to be used as the seed for a
AK> pseudo-random number generator...

  Humminawha?? :) Whudduheck ya talkin bout? Splain please, Lucy!

AK> as well as race, sex and culture of their character.

 Race: Studly, multi-faceted Human, as always!

 Sex: Occasionally, twice on payday if there's a redhead in the

 Culture: Counter. ;)

AK> Note that the adventure STARTS in Donara, just south of Caldo...

 Yuck!!! Ah well, I can live with that, I suppose! But I gotta go and
 learn all that yucky geography stuff, and cultures, etc.

AK> The first weapon skill chosen by the player MUST be one of the favored weapons
AK> listed for his culture...

  Knowing virtually nothing about Perilous Lands (cuz I really thought
  it was pretty bad) this could pose a problem. Oh, I've got it, and
  read a little bit here and there, but I really hated the cultures.
  Could I be just a straight, no modifiers, wanderer-type guy from
  some far, distant land that even I don't know how to get back to? "I
  come from across the sea...thataway, I think. Hey, it was a long
  trip...why are you looking at me that way?" Y'know, a New Yorker in
  Kansas! (which is exactly what I iz). :)

  I'm a fightin, sneakin, long-haired halfbreed (think Scotch Gaelic
  and Native American). I carry two hand-and-a-half swords strapped to
  me back, I do a wee bit of skullduggery (but I'm a nice, honest
  guy), and I prefer to avoid magic unless it can be used to my
  benefit (I don't do spells). Oh yeah, I also just looove to play
  practical jokes on my friends. <hehehehehehehehe>

  Now how the hell do we do that number thingy?

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