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Fri Sep 7 01:00:56 CEST 2001

A couple things...

1) Marcel ever get back on the list?

2) I noticed the list in arching them for my bbs (monthly zips of the list)
had none for july.
     We go from June to august.  Surprised there was NONE for july?  or
could that
      be a good wout?

3)   Now the real reason for the post.  A bit off topic here but it fits.

        I'm a big HUGE fan of Babylon 5 sci-fi tv series since it first aired.
I've read all but 3 of
the books so far.  The trilogy I'm on now is on the Techno mage trilogy. So
far its a very nifty
book of magic.  They rely on technology and implants for their magic.  But
i was fascinated
to read how the author deals with it.  Through "spell languages" some like
Equatons, some through body movement...some through like weaving of things
in the mind...

They cover messages like we might telepathy but still with technology...

They have flying platforms where they can move around (sorta like levitate
of course illusions..

This is just a small part of what the 1st 3rd of the book has covered (the
first one).
But I kept thinking of pnp and how to add alot of their spells into pnp.
Its alot
of creative things.  I like their flying platform idea and other aspects.

But has anyone read the books by chance?  If not I recommend it.  You do need
 a wee bit understand of the B5 universe to understand some of it but it
make a good stand along book.

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