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Theres a auction for tower, perilous lands.


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> Hi!
> Though I do own the P&P basicset a couple of years I have developed just recently a serious interest in this game(system).
> My group & I are thinking about starting a new campaign, but we have not yet decided which system/background we will use, nor which of us will be GM. With this in mind I looked through my elder RGP-stuff and rediscovered P&P. Right now I am thinking to start a new hard epic fantasy-campaign and P&P looks to be the System of choice...
> So what I am babbling about is since I do ONLY own the P&P-mainbox I am looking for the other P&P-supplements!
> If anyone (in Europe) wishes to sell his (or hers)supplements (book of tables, tower of the dead, perilous lands, or in parts, or complete with mainset)or is willing to sell photocopies of the listed items pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase drop me a line!
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