selling main rules, perilous lands and book of tables

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Hi Joshua,
I am interested!
How much are you asking for it? (excl. shipping, I'm from the Netherlands)

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  Just wanted to let people know that I will in the near future be putting on eBay a set of Powers and Perils rules for someone to grab.  
       Collectors wise they are not the best of shape.  And I was not well informed as to their condition from the seller on eBay befor I bought it.  Something they should have done but I am not whining about it really :)
  Bad points: The boxes are pretty worn.  Perilous lands has a bit of concaving to the lid.  Both boxes have corners that were ripped and taped with scotch tape.  But the worst part of it all was the person had sliced off ever single map in the mapbook for Perilouse Lands, leaving only the front cover and the bottom part of each page still attached!!.  But no worries......
  Good points: The set comes with Powers And Perils, P&P: Perilous Lands and The Book of Tables with all of the screens.
  All the books are in excellent condition, as are the screens with only a slight bit of wear on one of them.  Each book has a stamp of a wizard in faded ink that is hardly noticable.  Several pads of character sheets come with it and....
  I am having Kinkos fix the map book as close to original as possible.
  This does not mean i am dropping the game, no bob :)
  Just that I have come across another set and i want to get rid of this one.  So if any of you on the list would like to make an offer befor I put it on eBay you are welcome to.   I want to give fans a chance first.   Thanks a bunch.

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