Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Mon Mar 12 23:07:07 CET 2001


The language is used also when casting, not necessarily when only creating
the object. So theoretically you could speak a language and cast with a
staff (I usually allow this for a +1%, but no EL if the spell is IN the
staff). Casting "with" a staff (+MEL%) and language would give you the EL
bonus for the language, and effectively be +1 EL, +MEL+1% modifier.

Now, on to the destruction (under enhancement), and I quote: "Failure
destroys 1/2 of the material used and does not bring about the enhanced
values. Abysmal Failure destroys all of the material." SOOOO... if you are
making something, like a bag, and HALF of it is destroyed... Or let's say
you finally found that STAR SAPPHIRE and failed a casting... what good is
1/2 a bag (a hood maybe?) or 1/2 a gem? NONE!

As far as failure under enchantment, you are correct. But let us consider
making a jeweled staff... you could pretty much rule that any failure
destroys 1/2 the jewel and therefore the staff. Just a thought.

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