Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Mon Mar 12 14:23:01 CET 2001

OK, if I'm not mistaken, the WAND OR STAFF can be used to cast a spell at a
certain EL (if it has a spell in it). It can be cast AT THAT EL a number of
times a day. That is to say that if Fred the Wizard doesn't know Lightning
and picks up an EL 5 Wand of Lightning, he CAN cast it (lightning) at EL 5.
There is no "bonus" to the EL of the Stored Spells. It simply goes off at
that EL and NO LANGUAGES add to this. The "bonus" listed is to ALL OTHER
SPELLS. In otherwords, if Fred has a fireball spell at EL 4, he can cast
with an ADDITIONAL 5% to his roll (-5% from the roll if you will), it does
not become an EL 9 fireball (nor lightning). It does NOT affect Combat
Rolls unless you have a Benign GM, or YOU MADE IT TO DO SO.

And yes, every enchantment roll MUST be MADE. Not abysmal or not. ANY
failure destroys the material you are using and you must start from
scratch. I believe that is straight out of the enchantment spell (although
it may be enhancement, but I would rule the two the same being they are
both based on the same theories - ie. permanent magics).

PS. you ONLY get MEP for casting a spell that is in a WAND (if your GM is
nice). You never get expertise in a Spell for doing this. You do get both
if you are casting Through a W or S, but you still only cast at your
original EL, the bonus is only to the % roll.


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