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My interpretation is that one can put various spells into staves and wand
but don't get out better than what they put in. i.e. a wand may be EL 5 for
purposes of casting through it (great, for one mana you get a 5 modifier to
your roll) but the EL0 Lightning still is only EL0 (Though it also gets the
5 modifier).
    Actually one CAN get out better than what they put in by using Enchanted
Dedication and/or the Tongue of Dvalinn.
    FV may be modified by Enchantment. Many will do so, some will not bother
as it is another possible spell which, if failed abysmally would prevent any
further enchantments of the item.
                Alex Koponen

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> The rules are strange, as an increase in EL EFFECT would make a wand
> extremely powerful. As GM, I had a MU in my group once who had an EL 5
> He used it to channel his EL 0 Lightning, resulting in an awesome EL 5
> Lightning Spell, doing 6D10+5 damage as far as 18" away for the cost of
> 6 Mana (BMC4 at EL0: casting cost 4+2), in just 2 phases.
> I would consider reading the rules as NOT meaning increase in EL EFFECT,
> as increase in success chance ONLY.
> (As for the breaking, I would rule a staff to have FV as warstaff. I don't
> consider anyone foolish enough to do combat with a wand).
> Mathijs

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