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I prefer using Staves (at least with low experience mages) because I may be
able to get a modifier of, say 5, (MEL5) while with a wand the same
character might only  be able to get  a modifier of 1 (adj. EL of 1).
    Later the Staff would still be more powerful. A MEL15 EL8 mage would
still prefer the 15 modifier when casting against opponent's MDV. Though he
might keep a wand up his sleeve for when he only needs the 8 modifier to
assure success.


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> It seems everyone has gone into hibernation.
> My question for the list members is: How do you handle the wand and staff
> issue?
> For TWO mana points the staff increases the succes chance of a spell by
> MEL. For ONE mana point the wand increases the EL of the spell by its EL.
> At least that is what the rules say. (Those rules point to each other to
> the extreme btw.) Now the wand is extremely powerfull and cheap, the staff
> is more expensive and less powerfull. SOmething is not right here.
> Anyone used staffs/wands in their campaign and if so, how?
> Ft

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