MMORPG based on Powers and Perils

Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Fri Jun 1 02:25:20 CEST 2001

At 02:23 PM 5/29/01 +0200, you wrote:

>This would be great, but there are some serious issues to overcome. #1,
>what do you do about special events (which NORMALLY unbalance the game
>quite a bit). #2, eventual character growth turns out fine, but when one is
>maxed out, what is left to do? You can get your CEL up, fine, but that
>turns the game into a hack and slash... Better Idea would be to search out
>new training I guess. #3 Mages can learn spells up to certain EL's, what is
>to prevent a stat maxed mage from sitting back and "practicing" his art
>until he is the all powerful mage on high? (NOTHING I HOPE!).

Yeah that's the problem with any computer version it would just turn into that
unelss a TON of quests were done or some GMs could control that universe
like they do on some computer games universes.  #1 could be easy to control
code wise just limit the number of goodies that would result for say every
X number of players or divided it up into team bonuses, etc.  For #2 you just
have to retire that guy or increase it to a limitless universe.  For #3 even
a mage sitting in a library studying 24/7 would have SOME encounters to
fiddle that up :)

>Actually the game mechanics would lend themselves to an online game fairly
>well. Eventually you could even have upper/lower worlds for people to
>adventure in (and terrorize). Going to the Upper World Chaos regions
>(translation - Hells) would be pretty cool... Me, I'd want some pretty
>decent protections. Also, what would you do with possession, fascination,
>etc... character dies? or would you actually have the AI "use" them for
>something... that could be pretty cool... but online gamers wouldn't want
>to wait while their "best character" got used in some epic battle launched
>by L'p'nth, Clima, or Formoria...

Yeah.  You could still use those abilities just convert the pc to a thrall npc
needed and that player would have to play something else likley to go
kill that thrall or you ....

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