On Creation and such spells

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Thu Jan 4 15:44:26 CET 2001

I've felt you can make virtually any spell like fire ball pernament through
the pernament magics.  Say a ward in a cave or a staff of fireball.

- I would have to agree that that is what they are for - making any and all
spells permanent in some form or another (say for instance a shield of
cold... it can be warded that if hit it fires, or can be cast by an aligned
creature, or cast by anyone or a mage, etc... it could also store mana,
contain an intelligence, etc...)

I thought the 1 aibility was free...hmmm...oh well

-I didn't see any "free" abilities with this spell. Unless it is a "random"
(translated "normal/out of the book") creation.

Then theres the problem of dispell effects.  A non-perm might be easier to
dispell but a pernament one should not be common sense wise but no rules
show this.

-well, with this particular spell there "should be" no dispelling it. it
specifically states it is a physical creation. essentially from what I
understand, you take part of the astral plane and shape it, then make it
present on the middle world. Of course it has no soul and is purely a
magical being is also in the description. Perhaps a "dispell-permanancy" at
a level higher than perm cast, and then a dispell at a higher el than the
creation el would dispell it. But it would also get MEL+EL as MDV in both
cases. Both arguements can be made (to be able to dispell it or not) fairly
well. I would argue that if you did bind a soul into it it could not be
dispelled and would have to be killed to release the soul (but that is me).
Alternately you can allow people to do the same to wands and such... I
typically don't allow this without strict examination and would probably
limit it on creations also (for example, you could not remove a slime spell
on a wand if you don't know it, and likewise you could not dispell a
creation if it has powers you don't have/understand).

Well the created thing would be the size of normals.  ie a normal horse,
a normal firesnake.  Created a 10x30feet wide firesnake would cost extra

-random could be random size as well... say for example you wanted to
create an UPPER WORLD firesnake... 2x would be min. size. As far as
creating non-random, you could create a 10x30 firesnake, but it would not
have the abilities of a firesnake (unless you had them and imparted them).
Any imaginary creature can be made, so a six hundred foot long firesnake is
not out of the realm of possibilities (it just won't have 600 HP! and will
be easy to attack). It just won't have firesnake abilities.

Or a firesnake of silk and then kill him if you really need some

-ah yes, flaming silk. please keep in mind that the "flaming" part would
have to imbued on a creature that is not "normal/random". Can the caster
flame on like Johnny B? Didn't think so. Please remember that this is a
PHYSICAL creation, metaphysical and magical effects are not imparted on
imaginary creatures (so while you can make a 600 ft snake, you cannot for
example create a wil-o-wisp as it is not a physical creature (but you could
create a fuzzy ball creature with insubstantibility and flight)).

Body snatching I would for sure limit.  I think my friendly gods would
intervene and get one of their followers to hunt you down ....that's their
domain creation and soul stuff :)

-AH! come on! half (overexageration I know) of the decent shamanic spells
are for ripping apart souls and such... which is why most alignments don't
care to tangle with them I'd guess (that and once they get going they can
be some of the fastest spellcasters in the game... and a few important
spells they have have NO range limits...)

>>Ah, the flesh, that vessel of the soul, so often I have peered through
it's ruby lenses and taken in that which is fleeting.

Fleeting all to fast is that withered crust, which even now crumbles at my
feet as I stand annew in this new incarnation.

-Marcel aka maouse

ps. yeh you might just tick some gods off, so what??! IF you cast this
spell at EL 10, you can have a strength bonus of 8, and I would say an AV
up to 10 (basically limited by spell EL). And you would retain your skills
in your new body (ok, providing all the other things you wanted to do came
through). Not only that, but you could create a whole bunch of warriors to
fight for you; OCV would be 27! can you say OUCHIES! I can. That would have
to be some Avatar! (and wouldn't this all make a great campaign sometime?
maybe we should make a module Scott)

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