I think I'm gonna be sick....

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At 01:15 AM 12/27/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Will I be forcibly removed from this list if I mentioned that I love 3e
>D&D? heh heh...

Infidel!  Remove him...wheres the torches and tar!

Well its ok to love D&D I like it but we are wise enough to know P&P is 10x
better :)

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Hey gang,

 I have a copy of P&P (used, but intact) that I was going to list on
 eBay, but I'll let you guys have first crack at it, in case anyone
 needs it. Make me a fair offer and it's yours. I screwed up and did a
 little too much bidding and now need to recoup! Kinda sucks when you
 think you've spent fifty bucks, but when you add everything up you
 find out it's closer to 150.00! I know, I'm an idiot. :)

 Ps. For purposes of tact, please respond privately. Thanks.

  Kurgan                          mailto:KurgMail at Yahoo.com

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