I think I'm gonna be sick....

Kevin Barton mordraith at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Dec 27 07:15:28 CET 2001

Will I be forcibly removed from this list if I mentioned that I love 3e
D&D? heh heh...

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> Hello gang,
>   Don't know if any of you guys are familiar with GRIP or not (it's an
>   online gaming tool with chat interface, dice roller, etc.), but I
>   was just looking at the lists of upcoming campaigns people are
>   starting and spotted Perilous Lands! Ah, but then what did I see? A
>   crime, I tell you! A horrid, horrid crime against mankind and good
>   taste. And what was this, you ask? Why, it was that they're using
>   D&D 3E rules with it!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Heathens! Heretics!
>   Democrats! :)
>   Kurgan                          mailto:KurgMail at Yahoo.com

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