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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Thu Dec 6 22:58:11 CET 2001

At 12:11 AM 12/4/01 +0100, you wrote:
>With Bruce there are 3 people willing to do some scanning (That is now
>Bruce, Lyman and myself). I am going to borrow a scanner from a friend
>coming weekend (for at least 3weeks). I ´d say that we should wait until
>Monday/Tuesday of next week (perhaps another P&P fanatic may join the
>pdf-club) and then we can break up the scanning work among us. I do not know
>the number of pages of the different books in the other supplements (TotD,
>PL, BoT), it would be nice if someone could list up the books with their
>number of pages, so that work can be divided evenly. (As I am owning right
>now only the main set, I would (must) concentrate on the books of the basic
>Perhaps someone could give a little briefing what progs (Adobe Acrobat?)
>should be used in which way. If someone of the html, xml guys wants a
>special format to work with, give word!
>So, Best Wishes,

I could scan here but its a bit of a nuisance where the scanner is so
do a few pages when I do.  Besides I can't do anything in pdf ...course I
pdf as a format (text is universal :)).  

But like osmeone already said alot is done.  The pdfs for book 1 and 2, the
culture book
the maps are already for PL on the website..so theres not much to scan in
besides table book and the tower of the dead.  Book 3 of the main set needs to
be scanned in though.

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