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Hey Gang,

     Been ages since I've posted (been busy), but I wanted to share a
     cool find I made not too long ago. Did you guys know that Richard
     Snider teamed up with Dave Arneson in the late 70's to make a rpg
     called Adventures in Fantasy? It's a boxed set and you can
     clearly see what was to become P&P in the rules. Imagine P&P
     being a second edition of AiF, adjusting for playtesting and
     rules additions/changes and you'll have a really good idea of the
     game. I've only read through it, not played it, so I really can't
     comment on playability, but from what I see I'd have to say it
     doesn't look like it would be worth tracking down other than as a
     novelty collectible. The rules are too vague or incomplete in
     several areas (although it looks neat), and it's almost as badly
     edited as P&P was, which was my primary gripe with our favorite
     game. I've often said that P&P is a great game after the first
     two weeks and a bottle of Tylenol. :) Another interesting note:
     I've been a P&P enthusiast since it was released, and it took me
     a long time to notice other games that had obvious elements of
     the game in their own systems and to wonder who copied whom. If
     you want to see obvious P&P similarities check out the classic
     DragonQuest (which was released prior to P&P but after Aif, an
     interesting tidbit), and also Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce
     Galloway. That book was billed as a book about gaming but
     actually was a full rpg in itself, and had very obvious P&P
     influences (or perhaps vice versa).

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