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At 08:26 AM 8/14/01 -0400, you wrote:
>|| Hehe...sounds a familar situation seeing as it occured in the PBEM :)
>|| But oars burnt?  I mean most oars are VERY VERY strong and sturdy
>|| adn thick a simple fire swaft wouldn't do much damage.
>|| They'd have to
>|| have a high fire under them for quite some time?
>I was unclear. The shaman on board summoned up a whale tonah to do some

Oh yes...that I believe :)

>I think the fireball damage has to be better defined as to what is
>happening.  I'm of the impression that it is like a sudden heat/flame wave
>of a second or so duration, which harms living things but does minimal
>damage to inanimate objects.

Same here..more like a burst of a acedlyn torch type of thing...extreme heat
in a tight bandwidth..

>|| Heh...well head them south west through Bhatmoin and then
>|| the Rogizinis for
>|| soem fun....nothi isn't as thrilling ..:)
>Well, I think they have some immediate plans to harrass L'p'nth first. :)

That's always fun..

>|| Cool and reading the pbem :)
>Yea, yea... :)

Nag nag :)

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