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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Sat Apr 21 04:21:30 CEST 2001

At 02:36 PM 4/19/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey! Evil Schmevil, I am merely "Misunderstood" got that!  ^*weg*^
>I have been trading emails back and forth with Marcel this week, and I am
>going to scan some stuff from the dusty archives.  This will take a while,
>as I do not have a scanner so will be using a friends.  To start with, and I
>will just be starting slow...

Well my reference of Kotoh comes from Cthulu rpg ....big shot there :)

>Will be going through the list of skills Marcel has gathered and see if I
>have anything to add.  I still have a list of skills Richard Snider was not
>able to include in the original game.  A lot of these later came out in
>various Heroes, but I am not sure all of them did, so I am starting with
>that.  Later will be moving on to spells, and Deities.
>At the same time, I am getting together four maps of interest.
>I have Richard's original Lower World map, he drew it, free form on a piece
>of spiral notebook paper.  hehh, I'll include it for completeness.  I love
>Richard, but an artist, he is not.  I took his map and drew my own version
>based on his design, and used Power Point to print the Region names on the
>Map.  For the Upper World Map, I again drew this, with Richard's input, and
>we used his very basic boundary map, found in the front of the Site Book (I
>think that is where it is) from Perilous Lands.
>Scale on both these Maps are really at GM's discretion.  I had printed a few
>out on Hex Paper, and I had each hex equaling about twice that of the Middle
>World hexes from the Map Book in PL, just to give an overall vastness to the
>Upper and Lower worlds.
>The two regions in the Middle World, Richard drew up, and I have created new
>maps based on his design.  They are basically what we always called "The
>Western Continent" a vast slightly "South American" shaped continent, well
>west of Famoria.  The other area is east, "The Isles of the East", these are
>well east of Kati Region.
>So, I am starting with all of that, I will most likely, after getting
>Richard's permission, submit these to the P&P web page for inclusion so
>everyone can utilize them.  But I am getting them to Marcel immediately for
>his CDR project and I believe use in a current campaign.  Should I assume
>you would be interested in an "advance" copy as well?

I'd like the LW map for sure that'd be very useful.  Made my own version of
UW years ago.  Yeah I'd take any advanced copy if in simple formats like
jpeg or such...:)

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