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At 01:48 PM 4/18/01 +0100, you wrote:
>> || I say, "that
>> || is why there is a limit on the skill EL based on those
>> || stats." Your basic
>> || COMBAT SAVY is still your OCV. OCV-DCV = Combat Table
>> || Line... it is pretty
>> || simple.
>> Then What is the bow system saying then?  Take the value generated for
>> and add that to your OCV? Granted, I know that arrows are pretty hard to
>> dodge, but that seems a bit extreme, especially at PB range.
>> How do you handle bowfire?
>    Hmmm.  Well, according to book2, the "numerical values listed in the
>table, except for Base Range, indicate the Line that is used on the Combat
>Table."  So, we have this (hope this all comes out on the same line):
>Arbalest: PB = +15 // S = +8 // M = -2 // L = -12 // Ext = Yes // BaseR = 24
>    To me, what it says is simply that if you shoot an arbalest at someone
>who is at Short range, you roll on Line +8 on the Combat Table. I think this
>is the problem some are having....that an opponents DCV doesn't have
>anything to do with size.
>    Here is a possible fix...
>    Each size catagory has a size modifier (off the top of my head).
>    Tiny (<1') = Subtract 8 from line
>    Small (1'-4') = -3
>    Medium (4'-7') = 0
>    Large (7'-10') = +3
>    Each 3' over =  +1
>    The above could be simply die roll modifiers too (so Tiny = +15 to your
>roll; Small = +5 to your roll; Large = -5 to your roll; Each 3' over large
>= -2 to your roll), the problem with this is that the larger a creature is,
>the more likely you are TO hit it in the head.... Doesn't quite work, huh?
>That's why I'd go with the Line Modifier way.
>    The OCV way:
>    Another possiblitiy would be to simply say that 1/2 (rounded up) of a
>persons DCV is subtracted from the Line on the chart for missile weapons.
>So, a person with a DCV of 15 is shot at short range by an Arbalest.
>Normally, Arbalest at Short range has a line of +8...but we can subtract
>(15/2 = 8) from that, giving us an effective Line of 0.
>    *shrug* We've never had a problem with how the system works now, but I
>could see us using the "OCV way", above. Simple, easy to calculate.

Hmmmm.....I could see the argument of size.  I actually think there are
modifiers for size in the mounted combat rules (I'd have to check).  That
makes more sense than OCV.  Sicne a fool can hit the side of a barn compared
to a rock on a window ledge 30 feet away.

I never had a problem with the base syste as it is now myself...

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