Archery question

Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Thu Apr 19 04:36:37 CEST 2001

At 06:55 PM 4/18/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Must be just me, but agree this seems to be quite WRONG. If at best it is
>the Bow factor used as a BASE (ie. BF - DCV = line). But why would one
>complicate it in this way? If you are a CEL 1 fighter with an el 1, why
>should you be able to hit a target as well as a CEL 14 fighter with an el
>of 1? I mean, ruling skill out because it is equal, don't we tend to think
>that the more combat savy individual will at least aim for the head? Don't
>we think the less savy would just "point and fire"? I would tend to think
>so. Thus I would have to propose throwing this "fix" right out. OCV is
>figured as the offensive combat value because it shows experience, strength
>and stamina... presumably under combat situations. You might want to
>say "yeh, but bows use dexterity and agility skills." To wit I say, "that
>is why there is a limit on the skill EL based on those stats." Your basic
>COMBAT SAVY is still your OCV. OCV-DCV = Combat Table Line... it is pretty

 But given a ak-47 (hate to leave bows) and 2 men one a rookie only one day
of boot
camp and a green beret of 20 years.  The Beret would have a higher OCV.  Yet
does that
mean the ak-47 has a harder time hitting the more experienced person?  No.
go where they are pointed they don't think about experience :)

 Now granted I would say that the green beret might have a better chance of
through his training (camo, dodging, blocking, intelligence).  While the
tends to
be cannon fodder.
 I just can't see CV having any factor in missile weapons.

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