Archery question

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Wed Apr 18 20:31:03 CEST 2001

I thought the "bow system" worked this way...

OCV of attacker minus DCV of defender is Base Line on combat table.

Rating of the "bow" determines base range. Base range determines Actual
range class (point blank, short, medium, long, extreme). Some "bows" don't
have extreme range, so it is out of the question. At whatever range is
determined you get a RANGE MODIFIER to your chance to hit. Essentially you
get a -16 from your attack roll for point blank with a longbow (I think...
no book in front of me). -8 or so for short, 0 for medium and + x for long
and extreme. Please remember this is added to your ROLL... ie, point blank
you are 16% more likely to really REALLY hurt someone. It is essentially
like a bonus to your EL (which can only be used offensively of course).

SOOOO... Given ALL other modifiers being the same I propose two scenes to
answer the question:

#1 Our two Joe's are standing at distances of point blank and 80 feet
(medium? I forget, like I said no book right now). Joe at PB range is 16%
more likely to injure the schmuck he is pointing at. Joe at MD range is
using his bare skill and experience only. Presumtion is that the arrow from
Joe PB only has to go like 5 feet, while Joe MD's has to go 80. Joe PB's
entire range is about 10 foot wide in front of him. Joe MD's is an arc
about 80 feet wide. How much time difference is there between
these "flights"? Probably 1-2 seconds. So you can see how Defender #1 can
be hit easier and faster.

#2 Our two Joe's are standing at close range (30 feet). They let two arrows
fly at Defenders (let's call them girl and father). Girl has DCV of 3,
father has DCV 15. Given that the two Joe's are the same in all other
features, Joe #2 is going to have a lot harder time hitting the guy who
is "boppin' and weaving" (combat hardened dad of Joe #1's target). Joe #1
is basically shooting at a non-moving target (let's be real, DCV of 3
pretty much ain't doing much... a peasant girl standing in a field maybe?).
So while Mad Dad is coming at the two Joe's with pitchfork in hand (schukin
and jivin all the way "in"), his daughter is pretty much just sitting
there, or walking straight towards them. She's gonna get stuck...


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