Query and Introduction

~*The Fallen Lorelei*~ eisdamme at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Wed Apr 18 19:18:17 CEST 2001

Greetings, all.

I joined this list in the perhaps vain hopes of locating other people in my
area that are running or are interested in running a Powers and Perils

I've been playing for *almost* twenty years---more like eighteen, and as of
1998, my GM just kind of stopped GMing.

I miss playing very much and though I have the books myself I am incapable
of running a game.

::sheepish grin::

I just don't have what it takes---I've tried before to run campaigns and
though I play well and enjoy playing, I am not a good GM.

I'm in the Tampa area of Florida,...anyone out there?


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