"Natural" magic items?

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Wed Apr 11 14:22:24 CEST 2001

Well, if you let your players make you sweat over something like this...
Personally I would make them make the following rolls - Survival
(difficult), Herbalism (easy if survival is made, difficult if not), and
then possibly (but not necesarily healing (but giving them this roll does
not seem to be mandatory to me as it really has more to do with the first
two). Also, are they a mage? If not, you can limit it to the items that
heal "normally", of which there are only about three.

Also note: searching means they MAY encounter other creatures (again) and
get killed. (I would probably have a few encounter rolls since they are
turning over every shrub in the area!)

After pointing all this out, I would probably add to that that their
character's legs hurt, or arms or what have you... they are all bruised up
etc... and the last thing any of them (especially the NPC's) want to do is
go digging through thickets to find some "magic healing herb."

They really should have been prepaired BEFORE setting out.

As far as what is in season, etc... I don't concern myself very much with
this by using the above tactics to diswade the party from "looking for
snake grape."

On to the obvious question - how much is a dose? ONE OUNCE (of just about
anything). So when you see 2d10 ounces, read it as 2d10 doses. How
many "grapes" does he find? well he finds enough to make 2d10 doses.
Problem solved.

-And what do you mean it didn't survive?!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

a few items to add to your "arsenal" (in case you couldn't tell,
I'm "making" a book of items):

Other 4M innovations:

Ring of invisibility, non-detection and teleportation. Yes, friends, now
you too can remain unseen, undetected and always have an escape route. By
being invisible, you won’t be seen. By being undetected you can avoid those
annoying mages with mana sight. And lastly, if the odds are too much for
even the bravest invisible adventurer, you can always blip away to a safer
spot. Command words upon full payment only.

Amulet of Destruction. Are you the anti-social type? Say it like no other
can with this finely carved amulet depicting the beautiful eight points of
chaos. Once placed upon the body you will be the epitome of anti-
socialistic behavior. Best yet, with the NEW silence option it even allows
you to relax and finally get some rest while wearing it! (only for those
who prefer not to hear the screams).

Wand of unlimited wealth. You once thought only lead bars could be changed
to gold, but with this new type of wand you can change whole piles at a
time! Ingeniously crafted to cast an Instant Ward (c) when passed within 6
inches of any non-gold metal it will immediately turn it to gold!* No
Kidding! Truly miraculous in it’s effect on your belt pouch! 7 day wait
period required (especially for repeat customers!).
(*disclaimer, effects may not be permanent, see your local dealer for full

Mask of Lucifer. No longer do you have to worry about a disguise for the
next Fall Harvest Fest! This mask will do it all! Just place it upon your
face and your friends will have a new vision of you! (not responsible for
accidental injury caused by other’s reactions to this item).

4M’s sundial of chiming. Ever oversleep? Need an extra boost to get you out
of bed? Here’s the solution! 4M’s newest sundial lets out a chime loud
enough to wake the dead. Just leave by an open window and when the sun
strikes the needle and the shadow falls within the pre-specified
zone, “GOOOONG!” and you are awake! Can even be set to sound at different
times of the day if desired! (multiple settings cost extra, 4M will not be
held responsible for failure of this device due to cloudy days).

Cup of water. Yes, my friends now you to can have your cup and drink it
too. By placing enough stone in this cup to fill it, you will be simply
amazed. Instant Wards (© 4M) added to this item instantly transform the
stone to water. Walla! A refreshing drink fit for anyone. And best yet,
because of the nature of the enchantments you never have to clean this cup!
Also available with extra space enhancements for the “more than a cup”

Cornucopia of plenty. By blowing on the end of this beautifully crafted
copper horn you instantly create a feast worthy of a king! Instant Wards (©
4M) has done it again. The simple addition of a ward to a horn allows you
to feast like the beast you know your belly is. Note – Horn makes no sound
and cannot be used as musical instrument.

Ring of the thief. No longer be a victim to the law! With this ring even
the most bumbling thief can escape handcuffs, locked vaults, and other such
obstacles to their profession.  Ah! But how does it work? That my friend is
a secret! Just be sure to wear it while exercising your right to make a
living and fear locks no more!

After-Slave © 4M. You bought him. You trained him. You paid for his upkeep
and kept him out of harms way as best you could. Then, one day, along came
some “accident” and put an end to him. Well, 4M asks, “Why loose your
investment due to death?” Not only can we revive them, but we can make sure
they never die again with InstantRes (© 4M). Through our special services
your slaves may just outlive YOU! By appointment only. References may be
requested. Valid slavery title required. Slight degradation may occur.

InstantRes (© 4M) ring. You wanted to live forever? Well that may not be
possible, but InstantRes (© 4M) is the next best thing. If you are wearing
this item when you die, you will instantly be Resurrected! Jump back to
life and surprise those evil creatures that thought they had your number!
No longer worry about those little accidents that would normally kill you.
With InstantRes (© 4M) you’re covered! (not responsible for mental trauma
caused by repeat deaths due to accidental circumstances, such as being
trapped under a large bolder or within a burning building)


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