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I was recently going over the Regent skill stuff that Wout sent me
(working on a tweaked version to better determine regional economics).

However, the numbers for income don't seem to work out poperly (i.e.
they seem to be abot 1/10th too low).

Using my "Merchanting" page (on the site), the following assumptions for
"The normal Station 0 man" are used:

1) Assuming a diet of grains (1BB/FP) cheap vegatables (1BB/FP) and
cheap cheese/fish (1BB/FP), at 3Fp for the normal man, this comes to
3BB/day in food if purchased, assuming he is the primary supplier, cut
this in half to 1.5BB/day -- factored over a year (365 days) we have a
food cost of ~550BB per year.

2) Assuming 2 sets of cheap clothing (2CC each), plus 1 set shoes (8BB),
plus 1 set of cheap winter clothing (3CC).  Also aassuming that he must
replace these every year as wear and tear takes place -- thisis a yearly
cost of ~60BB.

3) Given a "hovel", and using the rule of thumb from the inns (x300
night's lodging for cost), we factor a 1SC hovel to ~125BB per year

Total yearly cost to survive is 735BB.

Later on in the regent notes a tax rate on income ranges from 25-35%
(based on orientation).  Using 30% as an average, divide the cost to
live by .7 to find the income before taxation, which comes out to
~1,050BB...rounding for cleanliness, that is 1GC per year that even Joe
Peasant must make in order to survive AND pay taxes...3x the stated BTI
value for "other").

Note this is good enough to say that income = 100x initial coin type.

Station 0 serfs are most likely 50% of the population, with station 1 a
close second (say another 40%).
Station 1 brings in 2GC/month, so the average "other" population is most
likely ~1.5GC per year in income, or about 5x the BTI indicated.

Granted, this does mean that my local baron in my game has some decent
income coming in -- by his book one Special Event he has 5600 acres of
land, throwing off 1sc per acre.  I figured this was a quick and dirty
rule by Richard so you can get something to work with, and play....I was
planing to expand the regent rules a bit to qualify his holdings a bit

His holdings are the majority of a township, which has about 1,200
people (trades and farmers).  I would put this as 50% station 0, 40%
station 1, 10% station 100x initial coin, this comes to 600GC
from the station 0, 960GC from the station 1, 1200GC from the station
2.  Total is 2760GC. At 30% Tax (law) this returns 828GC.  Assuming he
passes 1/3 along to the kingdom, he has a base of 552GC per year, REAL
close to his 560GC the simple book method generates.

No, I will probably tweak some things, since he will get some of the
income advantages noted in the regent rules.  But I'll post a revised
economic model when I work it all out.

People, please feel free to sanity check this basic thumbnails.
         -- Burton
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