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Experience - So as to avoid the necessity of keeping track of how much
damage each Character has done to what CDF/MEL with what weapon/spell
and the paperwork involved with keeping track of partial expertise
I propose an alternative and simpler system:

 Each time a (skill use / an attack) is successful
the player makes 1 Learning Mark (basically a checkmark) next to that skill
(a partial success or an attack doing no damage counts only as a Training
marked using a T). After the encounter is complete a player may decide to
the Character attempt to learn any skill thus marked in the encounter.
the player may choose to save the marks for enhancing the chances of a
attempt to improve the skill.

 These marks can also be acquired through training. Each day of training may
produce one to three training points (1 using self study, 2 if with a book
or instructed,
3 if with both book and instructor). These training points convert to
learning marks
as follows:

If the skill is EL1 (EL9 if an 'or 80' skill) or less than each training
converts to 1 learning mark. For higher ELs the current EL is the number
of training points required to equal a learning mark. For 'or 80' skills
is divided by 5 (RD). Partial Successes count as 1 training point.
Example: Thus Arcus upon first trying to learn Heavy Sword would only
need 1 day's self study to have a chance to learn and improve his Heavy
Sword skill. Later when he is EL5 he would need 5 training points (or 2 ½
days instruction) in order to have one learning mark that would give him a
chance to improve to EL6. Had Arcus been trying to improve his Seaman
skill (an 'or 80' skill) when it was EL42 he would need 42/5 (RD) or 8
training points per learning mark.

 When a Character attempts to improve in a skill all Learning Marks for that
are counted and erased. The first mark allows a learning chance percentage
equal to
Current Maximum skill minus Current skill for 'or 80' skills, or (Current
Maximum skill
minus Current skill) x 5 for other skills and spells. A bonus equal to the
Character's IB is
added to this percentage chance. Each mark past the first improves the
chance of learning
by 1%. Rolling a 1D100 less than or equal to this percentage brings the
Character's skill
up to the next EL.
 Arcus with a Current Maximum in Heavy Sword of EL7 would have a
(7-4) x 5 = 15% chance to go from EL4 to EL5 if he has and uses 1 learning
mark in Heavy Sword. Assuming he has an I of 31-50 he would add 2% bonus
to this chance. If since his last learning attempt he had acquired 7
marks Arcus would have a +6% for the additional marks. Altogether he might
(7-4)x5 + 2 + 6 = 23% chance of improving his skill in Heavy Sword to EL5.

 A Character may end up advancing past their Current Maximum. In any skill
this is the case the skill is subject to degradation. Each month that such a
skill is not used
roll 1D100. If this roll is higher than the EL for 'or 80' skills or the
ELx5 for other skills
then the skill gets EL/5 (for 'or 80' skills) or EL learning marks that can
be used after the
next use of the skill. However, the skill has degraded, dropping by 1 EL.

Encounter Experience
CEP/MEP are calculated for each creature as before, however the allocation
should not be strictly concerned with how many points are inflicted, but
should be more roughly allocated based upon the referees perception of the
value of each character's participation. A Character's luring a creature
away may be more valuable than another Character's infliction of a wound to
the creature. Again simultaneous blows may yield 'extra' experience.

© 2000 Alex Koponen

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