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Wed Jan 26 17:14:07 CET 2000

At 07:52 AM 1/26/00 -0800, you wrote:
>So, did Wout practice on people a lot or did he just study resurrection?

No it is an innate spell. I was very lucky on the special events table and
got two rolls on the supernatural ability table.

My character, a priestess for a law god of life etc., has a fanatical tie
(law). The innate spell choosen is resurrection, but as my characteristics
would give me a max EL of 16 or so (supernatural empathy) Mathijs (our DM)
decided that was a bit too much and lowered the max EL to half of that, as
for normal innate magics. The result is an innate ressurection spell at EL8
and using supernatural tongues effective EL9. And at EL9 resurrection gives
you back your life and 100% of the old scores.

The only problem is that it consumes a lot of energy level and that
regenerates very slowly. And up to now, each time a player character died
and was resurrected, the player choose to start with a new character
anyway. As a result there are no resurrected PC's in our group at the moment.

There are a number of innocent bystanders however, who are reasonably happy
to be alive again :> We are a bit sloppy sometimes when we should really
try to rescue the innocent victim from being sacrified etc.


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