Old tool found

The Choinski Family choinski at TIAC.NET
Mon Jan 24 19:40:45 CET 2000

> Darn wanted to look at it but don't have any thing to view it with :<
> at least on this computer maybe I'll take it to dad's computer he has a later
> acrobad that
> I think can distill and read it..not sure ...

I don't think Acrobat will do it...it needs to be sent to a postscript
printer.  But some sort of postscript RIP (Ghostscript) should be able to
render it, perhaps to a TIFF file.  With LZW compression it may not be too
bad, but kinda worthless for a table-top, later use situation. :)

> Is this a public file? or just for the list? (ie for my bbs)

I can't remmebr if I relased it when I made it way back when, but the
original intention was general use as long as Kudos come my way (or any big
checks. :)
     -- Burton

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