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On Fri, 24 Dec 1999 00:27:16 -0500, Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote:

>>As a P&P GameLeader I've choosen to implement something different:
>>I've a sheet summarizing PC stat's and essentials factors, below these
>datas I
>left a place for 4 general Caracteristic domains :
>>1. Combat and danger
>>2. Travelling and discoveries
>>3. Dialogs and "encounter" (meeting)
>>4. Magic and special experiences
>1  experience from danger?
General domain, I mean difficult and tenses situations, with new experiences lived (the first big battle, a big assault on a tower, dangerous ambush in a dark forest) etc.  You do not have to fix on a word.

>2  Just moving a few miles gives experience? :)
>    Discoveries just discovering some chest doesn't seem to me rewardable :)
Few miles perhaps not, but if the PC travel by sea on a new coast during 10 days or if they cross a badlands territory for the first time or etc..
I'm sure you can imagine what I say.

>3)  I do dialogue as well burton has his own system Joss points..so that's
A player giving himself for the best, arguing and communicating to the full extend of his theatral expression could give good result, another talking a lot and learning important informations for the group could be seen as rewarding. Don't you think so ?

>4)  default..
I must confess that my world is more medieval than fantasy so special experience related to magic or special phenomenon can be seen as a learning event for the PC. Seeing strange creatures for the first time, communicate with or killing them is something that build a caracter, that can be defined as experience. A man is seen by what he has lived more than by what he has accumulated.


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