Players wanted for Perilous Lands adventures in P+P

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Sat Apr 15 04:37:01 CEST 2000

At 08:41 PM 4/14/00 -0400, you wrote:

I'm posting a CC to the list cause I figure others might have the same
questions and
might be good to get it out answer wise :)

>Well, I have been a Gm/Player of many RPGs for well over 25 years (chokes).
>But SG has been a GM for at least 20 years or so. Actually come to think of
>it, most of the players in the group are vets.... as for PBEM, this is the
>first venture

 Cool.  That's about my experience as well.  Just over the last decade or more
I've done
PBEMs and Echomail Rpgs I just found less experienced and younger GMs tend to
pbems and never finish them.  So wanted to make sure before I even got into it

 First pbem time huh? I've done about 40 of them over the years.  So if ya
tips or
pointers just holler.  My current pbem for pnp is at
ot/pbem  and remove /pbem to see the other pages
like the rpg pages and such.

>that I know of. But I expect she can handle it. I'd be glad to see more
>players, as
>the Perilous Lands are just that. (Yes, it is Powers and Perils we are
>playing. A few
>house rules, like starting with stats maxed to ease survivability...ask SG.)

 Ok.  I've not had time and likely won't for a day or two due to work have
to look at the
web site but did take a quick glance.  So here are my questions.  If
covered on
the site
just say so.  BTW I think your not the GM? Is he/she on the list here to get

 1) Place of play? (roughly)
 2) Character restrictions or limits? classes...types..etc
 3) Starting, Experienced pcs? (but with max stats guess that's answered)
 4) Using any house rules from the pnp web site?
 5) Using the web based 'board' for mail?  If so may I suggest using a email
list that allows
more features and is a bit easier to handle than a web site load each night :)
 6)  How long do youthink this will be played out?
 7)  Restrictions on items?  Well I can't bring in my +5 Sword of Doom? (just
Say like natural magic items that are light not super bogus?

 Well that's it for now..bed soon...will check out the site tomorrow...

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