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Wed Apr 5 17:15:53 CEST 2000

Like all roleplaying systems, Powers & Perils is not
without some flaws.  Perhaps one of the biggest flaws
is a product of its biggest strength: that of the
detailed character evolution.  In my experiences as a
Gm for P&P, my players not only lived and died by the
"Metal Shield", but sought the elven longsword as the
weapon of choice.  (This due to the inherent weakness
of carrying a two handed weapon in the game, exposing
a player to being hit by an additional 25%)

In terms of character maintenance, I allow my players
to maintain their own character sheets in reguards to
xp and xpertise, and I award the players on the spot
for success or failure.

The biggest problems I have with players is
encumbarance.  Most of my players think they can carry
armor, 2 or 3 weapons, 400 assorted coins, and a
travel bag with an unrealistic stockpile of supplies,
and still move and fight without penalty.  Oh, the

PS.. this is my first note written to other P&P
players and GM's, and I am excited to be a member of
this community.

--- TNT <tanghet at LOGICA.COM> wrote:
> Don't you think that leaving experience/expertise
> management to the player
> leads to "power-gaming" ?  I think so and have, with
> the year of GM-PP,
> completely taken all the micro management so the
> players can focused on the
> only important thing : ROLEPLAY.
> With a well prepared PC-sheet I was able to note
> everything for all players
> without taking too much space or time.
> And in that way, the PC doesn't battle anymore on
> numbers, high or low.
> This is a relief and a bonus for playing time.
> What do you think of that ?
> Regards,

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