Misc. and Re: Spells List

Wout Broere w.broere at CT.TUDELFT.NL
Tue Oct 26 10:21:14 CEST 1999

>>     I am currently working on an on-line spells list for Powers &
>> Perils.  I'd like some input to whether or not it is a useful
>> project and if I should continue it...
>Definitely.  The books are old and hard to come by.  We generally
>resort to making photocopies of the rules, having them spiral bound,
>and using them instead of the books.  Anything which reduces the wear
>and tear on the books is a good thing.

Hello everybody, I have been extremely quiet lately. Will use this mail to
answer some recent postings.

Floyd, the spell list looks very good. Keep up the work. I will add a link
from my webpages.

We have been working on an electronic book one and two for the last months.
Ended up with three different versions. Version 0 contains the text from
the original books, including all errors. Version 1 includes the errata
from the book of tables. Version 2 includes the new skills from heroes
magazine etc.
The format is postscript and anyone who wants a copy, just mail me. Size is
just under 2MB.

Kototh, welcome to the mailing list. I am still interested in any
unpublished material for p&P you are willing to share. I will use this
opportunity to ask whether you (or anyone else) has any idea what the
description should be for the Dispersion and Damnation (Ashipu/Qadistu'Mah)
Priest spells. In the Priest article from Heroes they are mentioned in the
spell list, but the description is missing.

Expect an update of the site sometime tomorrow. Some additions to the
players list and a link to floyd's spell list. New will be the list of
shadow magic spells from Heroes.

That's it for now, bye,

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