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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Tue Oct 19 05:45:32 CEST 1999

>    I am currently working on an on-line spells list for Powers &
>Perils.  I'd like some input to whether or not it is a useful project
>and if I should continue it.  Check out what I have done so far at:
>    http://labs.uc.edu/~fresler/Powers/PPSpells.html

That is a great site.  It will be a MAJOR asset for everyone including my
players who don't have the rules and those in my current mailing list/pbem
P&P game.  Mind if I give them the URL? or is the page still under

I was thinking it would be before I got there maybe one spell per page or
screen for printing but your format is good.  I was also going to suggest
maybe a pull down menu for selection rather than finding it in the list but
again your format is good enough.  Will you add th eother spells from the
web site and magazines and such?

Maybe a page on the magic rules (magic table, etc.) in summary?

Good job...

To my mailing list players: You guys getting the posts? Up to the 11th
update and havne't seen much from you guys :)

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