kototh kototh at FLASH.NET
Wed Oct 13 18:39:22 CEST 1999

Hello, I just subscribed to the mailing list and wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Greg, but I'll answer to Kototh as well.  I have been a big fan
of Powers & Perils since it's conception.  My very very good friend, Richard
Snider, is the games creator.  I was involved in the post release play
testing of the game, and involved in developing some new things for the
re-released and expended version, which sadly never happed.  Also, I was
involved in a weekly game the Richard Snider ran for about 7 years, as well
as running my own weekly game.

I really enjoy the game, and miss playing...Richard lives in Minneapolis and
I in Los Angeles now, so there is not much gaming interaction with our old
group in Baltimore, MD any more.  And so far, have not found too many other
people interested in RPG-ing.

Anyway, looking forward to being on the list and hearing what people have to

kototh at flash.net

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