Postscript Document Help . . . and a Hello

Brian Mays bmays at FC.CELERA.COM
Mon Nov 1 16:27:47 CET 1999

Thanks, Wout!

But . . . how do I read them?  I tried opening them using Acrobat Reader,
and I can't.  What program should I use?

Oh, and hello everyone.  I'm a lurker from San Francisco.  My name is Brian,
and although I've never had the chance to play P&P, I love the system and
the setting!  If there are any other players in the Bay Area, drop me a


Brian Mays

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> Those who requested a copy of the p&p books 1 and 2 (postscript)
> should have received that.
> If I have forgotten anyone who wanted a copy, let me know.
> Ft

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