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    Welcome to a very cool game system!  :)
    Yes, in a manner of speaking.  There is really only one place on the net
for all things P&P:



Denakhan the Arch-Mage.

>Hi, I was going through a box recently and found Powers and Perils.  After
>looking thorugh it, I wondered why it got put away in the first place.
>I can only assume it was when I was in my powergaming phase...oh well, I've
>been over THAT for eyars.
>Anyway, I see there was other material published for the game..are there
>synopses available on the web?
>Well, thanks for reading this.
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At 06:28 PM 3/22/99 +0100, you wrote:
>At 07:25 PM 3/8/99 -0500, you wrote:

>>Cape parry - can you give basic descrption?
>I don't have any description, ask Burton Choinski, it is in his expansion

I got some email from him on that.  So I think I can fix it.

>>Shield - shouldn't this be further defined like buckler and such?
>Nothing explicitely said in the basic rules. It makes sense in a way to
>have separate skills just like weapon skills, but we use a single shield
>skill for all shields.

Same here.  I'll keep it single then.

>>Bowyer (makes bows) why 2 cost factors? :)
>One for bows and higher one for crossbows.

Ahhh!!!..thanks will change that in the program :)

>>Lastly I gave intrigue bonus skills of stealth and disguise artist at
>>starting any opposition? :)
>what is the description of intrigue?
>And no chance of standing up to the almighty GM ;>

Basically its the skill of intrigue :) har har...
no seriously its training for spies, intel people...recon, stealth,
codes, etc...that kinda thing.  (bad on descriptions) :)

But you get the jist :)

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