PBEM status

Frank Torres lycosa at CLARK.NET
Thu Mar 18 21:33:39 CET 1999

Scott Adams wrote:

>    Ok.  I have 10-11 players for the game.  I am organized as much as I
>    can get at this point.  I just need applications and characters
>    to begin.
>    I emailed awhile ago some people applications and the character
>    package (including pnpcgen.zip).

        Not sure if I got the pnpcgen.zip, could you resend it?

>    If you did not get it and still want in the PBEM please email me
>    (email let's not clutter up the list here).
>    I have 2.9 characters done already (just need background from one if
>    he supplies it) :)
>     If I have not contacted you to give you info please email me.
>    Sorry if I skipped you by accident :)
>    email: pnpgm at softhome.net (official email of the game]
>           longshot at darktech.org
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