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>What is the difference between Boatman and Watercraft in the
>Skill variation articles?

Watercraft is the skill of handling a small boat on inland waters,
including navigation, fighting and repairs of small vessels.

Boatman (Open Waterway or Swamp) is the lifestyle skill like Forester,
which gives you the ability to remember landmarks and a number of 'free'
skills (not including watercraft btw).


PS: the relevant texts have been added below
PPS: for who wants to know: the markup is LaTeX


This skill is divided into two types. Either the character is skilled
in lakes and open waterways or he is skilled in Swamps. The advantages
that the character will gain varies depending on the environment that
the player chooses, In both environments, the character can judge
currents and distances travelled by water, with a successful roll
against his \EL, and has a memory for landmarks and watercourses
similiar to the Thief's memory of maps and passages. Success in both
cases equals 100\% accuracy, partial success is 75\% accuracy and
failure is 50\% accuracy.

The other advantages of this skill are:
\subsubsection{Open Waterway Boatman}
\item Knowledge of creatures that can be encountered in waterways.
\item Waterway Survival, maximum \EL\ currently possible.
\item Starting \EL\ with War Staff.
\item 40\% chance of maximum \EL\ currently possible with the Sling.
\subsubsection{Swamp Boatman}
\item Maximum \EL\ currently possible in Swamp Survival.
\item Knowledge of creatures that can be encountered in the Swamp.
\item Starting \EL\ with the Bow.
\item 40\% chance of maximum \EL\ currently possible with War Staff.


The character is trained to perform tasks common in operating small
boats. He may fight from these boats without reduction of his \OCV\ or
\DCV. (Those without this skill reduce both values and their weapon \EL\
by 50\% when fighting from a small boat.)

Skilled watermen may navigate on inland waterways, handle swift
currents and avoid water obstacles in inland waterways and lakes. They
may use their Watercraft \EL\ at \frac{1}{2} value when sailing in the open
i.e. operating as Seamen. (The same applies for Seamen when they sail
on inland waterways and lakes.)

Finally, watermen will have some training in maintaining and repairing
small vessels. Their success chance doing either is equal to their \EL.

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