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>Ditto here.  I'm trying to redo the cosmology section for P&P,
>changing some of it and adding some, to make it more in line with real
>mythoses (on which it is closely based).  I don't intend to give
>statistics or "rate" the gods in any way.  I prefer to just have the
>description and base powers off that.

Yeah best way to do it since Gods are a bit special :)
Mythos cool I'm about to play in a game of that myself :)

>However, having priests gain certain abilities depending on the
>pantheon they worship makes a lot of sense.  The current priest
>abilities are all based on Mesopotamian religion, which in Powers and
>Perils is the Court of Ashur and a few other gods scattered in other
>places (i.e. Tiamat, Apsu, etc..).  I would like to do priests for the
>other pantheons as well.  The court of Metatron would be an
>interesting one I think!  This is based on Persian/Zoroastrian
>religion.  This is more like early Judaism.  Many angels and demons.

Yeah I notice that myself.  In the PBEM (which I'm typing up intro posts
now btw finally :)) I might need a priest for something coming up..so will
have to figure that out.  Would be the first time to be honest with priests
in PNP.

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