Possible trade

The Kurgan thekurgan at BEER.COM
Wed Feb 3 15:55:53 CET 1999

   I just found issues three and four of Heroes and ordered them
   before they disappeared. The list did not state if they were volume
   one or two so I am assuming volume one. I already have a complete
   set but figured someone on the list might need them. I also have dupes
   of #s v2.2 and v2.3. If anyone is needing these issues let me know.
   I'd like to make a trade. I am still looking for the Book of Tables
   w/screens and the Tower of the Dead module. If no one has anything
   they'd like to trade but still needs the magz I'll gladly let
   someone have them for what they cost me.
        I'd also like to ask if anyone is into a game called The
   Morrow Project (by Timeline games). I'm looking for ANY materials
   for this game (buy/trade), as well as the original three book set
   from Paladium games called The Mechanoid Invasion.
        Finally, if there are any Doctor Who fans here on the list, I
   thought I'd let you know that I found a site that is selling many
   of the videotapes for about 2.00 apiece. I just spent about 100.00
   for about 1300.00 worth of tapes! They even had all the Blackadder
   tapes for about 1.50 apiece including the Christmas special!!!!!!
   Needless to say I'm happy beyond belief. Here's the link:



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