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Curt Koenig c.l.koenig at USA.NET
Sun Dec 19 07:38:19 CET 1999

Matijs van Zuijlen <mzuijlen at INTEGRAL.NL> wrote:
> >
> > First note: it's per 50, round up, so 12 CEP yields 1 CP.
> As we played you just kept track of the points gained on the side of the
> char sheet.  Once you got a multiple of 50 (or 25) earned, you erased it
> left the remainder to acumulate, but spent the earned points then.
>      -- Burton

That's cheating ;-).

Actually, it's very uneconomical, since three low-CEP encounters give
you three points according to the rules, but only one if you let them

We always did just that...kept a running total.  It is uneconoimical, but it
keeps people from maxing out so fast...a problem we had when we awarded the cp
every 25 (or 12.5) CEPs (MEPs).  By the by, MEP gained cps cannot be used for
any physical stats..


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