Matijs van Zuijlen mzuijlen at INTEGRAL.NL
Sat Dec 18 10:30:07 CET 1999

Scott Adams wrote:
> Another topic :)
> I was reviewing the experience rules from someone asking about it.  Each
> time I read it I read it slightly different.
> The per 50/per 25 CEP/MEP points for 1 Char. point rules
> I believe that's
> Could be read as you have to earn that 50 for ONE fight or it could be per
> encounter.
> So that would mean you'd have to kill a big beastie like a Dragon to get
> even the rare 1 CP out of it...the common monster/bandit won't ever do it.
> But if its per encounter then you might.

First note: it's per 50, round up, so 12 CEP yields 1 CP.

> Another way is a total based on the adventure...
> How do you guys rule on this?

Per encounter. The main text is unclear on this, but the exception below
mentions ``in the encounter'' explicitly. And then, in 4.4, Encounter

    All Experience gains are per encounter and conflict. They
    are awarded at the end of the encounter AND before the next
    encounter commences.

So, that seems pretty clear.
However, reading the exception in again, what do you think it
means? That if the opponent IS killed, the character does get CP, even
if his CEP gain is less than 10? We have always ruled that the 10 CEP
limit always holds, but now I'm not sure.

Matijs van Zuijlen

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