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>An average full-day's coastal sailing (i.e. plotting a course that follows
>the coastline, a normal path for 90% of the ship traffic in this era of
>navigation) is considered to be one strategic turn, with the ship dropping
>anchor at nightfall.  Once you are one hex or more away from any land, a
>full day allows two strategic turns of sailing.
>To determine sailing distance (in hexes) in a day, Use the numbers below for
>windspeed vs. type of ship and multiplied by the number of strategic turns
>of travel:
>                   Poor Winds      Average Winds     Strong Winds
>    MERCHANT          1/2               1                 2
>    WARSHIP            1                3                 5
>For ships that are rowed, the following speeds are per strategic turn of
>travel.  On the open ocean, a replacement rowing crew is required or only
>one strategic turn of movement per day is allowed.
>                   Cruise
>    BARGE            1/2
>    MERCHANT          1
>    WARSHIP           4
>NOTE: Barges are generally not seaworthy and only used in harbors or lakes.

Thanks I'll use some ideas from here as well.  But i found the notes as I
figured in my files for seagoing...and devised up a semi system of my own.


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