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Sat Aug 21 00:13:27 CEST 1999

From: Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG>
>>But I think every spell can be abused in some way by overusing it,
>>especially if players use it in situations they know the DM can't handle
>>the effects properly and has his story ruined, or plainly dislikes the use
>>of that very spell. Invisibility and Fascination top our list of problem
>>spells. If you let the interpretation of what you can do with those spells
>>stretch a bit, they become extremeley powerfull at almost no casting cost
>>at all.
> oh yes..invis. can definitely be abused..

Another that seemed very powerful for the cheap cost was Quarrels. We toned
that down a bit.

Our change to Invisibility was the idea of a "personal space".  As long as
you did not penetrate this personal space by shooting spells, arrows, or
attaching, the invisibility "bubble" remained.  Spells that affected only
you and not the world around you (like heal, earth strength, etc) were ok.
    -- Burton

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