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>    (First off-topic Q:  Does everyone on this list have an email client
>that handles HTML?  Or only plain text?  Mostly just curious is all).

Well, mine is plain text only.

>    How many of you actually use the "Dodging" optional rules listed in Book
>1, pg.15.  What about the "Dodging Magic" rule?

We use it often. What's more, we opted that you can dodge AND attack, if you
are fighting with one small weapon, no shield, and the attack was a shield
hit or miss. Now, lightly-armed thieves like to dodge a lot.
Nobody ever seems to bother dodging magic, though. Perhaps that's because I
(DM) have a nasty habit of using non-dodgeable magic (fascination, quarrels
and oblivion especially).

  And, last but not least,
>how do you use it...exactly.  The way it looks (I've only used it a handfull
>of times...and a long time ago to boot), the 'defender' takes his DV and
>this is the number listed on the left side of the chart ("Dodge Value").
>Then, you take the 'defenders' AV and add the 'attackers' DB and AB (i.e,
>their DV), and this is the number that you look at accross the top ("Total
>Value Dodged").  Cross referencing these numbers gives you a %'age or N or A
>chance to be successful in avoiding the attackers blow.  Is this how it is
>supposed to work?

Yep, that's right!
>    I'm asking this because I am trying to convert most AD&D system stuff
>over to P&P system stuff for a World of Greyhawk campaign.  If your curious,
>you can check it out at: and just follow
>the link.  It is quit rough right now and doesn't have the slickest
>formatting (I just imported the .doc straight into FrontPage98 and made a
>few obvious changes), but I would really appreciate any input or
>suggestions...expecially in the realm of trying to find a way to convert
>AD&D spells into P&P spells without having to rewrite every one of them!
I use AD&D-adventures often in my campaigns. I just create new magic-users
or magic items, using the P&P system, spells and supernatural languages. I
feel it fits better in the P&P-alignment system, then. Don't bother
converting all these weird AD&D-spells into something adjusted to the
P&P-rules, but un-P&P-like :)

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