Question about Dodging and stuff...

Lyndon A Liberty lliberty at SISCOM.NET
Tue Sep 22 22:52:05 CEST 1998

Yes, that is the way I have interpreted that as well, the only things to
remember are the bonuses/penalties
due to conditions and encumbrance/health levels. I checked out your page and
I like it alot. I will be in touch. =)
Lyndon Liberty

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From: Paul L. Ming <pming at KLONDIKE.COM>
Date: Tuesday, September 22, 1998 04:39 PM
Subject: Question about Dodging and stuff...

>    (First off-topic Q:  Does everyone on this list have an email client
>that handles HTML?  Or only plain text?  Mostly just curious is all).
>    Now, the main question.
>    How many of you actually use the "Dodging" optional rules listed in
>1, pg.15.  What about the "Dodging Magic" rule?  And, last but not least,
>how do you use it...exactly.  The way it looks (I've only used it a
>of times...and a long time ago to boot), the 'defender' takes his DV and
>this is the number listed on the left side of the chart ("Dodge Value").
>Then, you take the 'defenders' AV and add the 'attackers' DB and AB (i.e,
>their DV), and this is the number that you look at accross the top ("Total
>Value Dodged").  Cross referencing these numbers gives you a %'age or N or
>chance to be successful in avoiding the attackers blow.  Is this how it is
>supposed to work?
>    I'm asking this because I am trying to convert most AD&D system stuff
>over to P&P system stuff for a World of Greyhawk campaign.  If your
>you can check it out at: and just follow
>the link.  It is quit rough right now and doesn't have the slickest
>formatting (I just imported the .doc straight into FrontPage98 and made a
>few obvious changes), but I would really appreciate any input or
>suggestions...expecially in the realm of trying to find a way to convert
>AD&D spells into P&P spells without having to rewrite every one of them!
>   ^_^
>Denakhan the Arch-Mage
>a.k.a. Paul L. Ming

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