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Thu Sep 10 16:04:42 CEST 1998

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li> I'm still here, but I'm at a new address (I have to unsub/resub at
li> the new one).

Same here thus my long term reply :<..that and been super busy..2 months later
I seem to be back up to reply stage :)

li> Unfortunately, my two P&P games are on hold -- one member is pregnant
li> and it is starting to get hard for her to travel here for the game
li> avery other week.  Also, my Wife (another member) is doing several
li> weekend events in august, which halts things even more.

Same here my game my players got too busy so going to start up a new PBEM game

li> When my brother gets back from Norway I'll see about starting up
li> again. me over there from florida and I'll play :)

li> Until then, I'm kinda idled.  But I'll kibbitz and comment on other
li> stuff people post. :)      -- Burton --


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