Druids and Bards

M.V.Tuynman Mathijs.Tuynman at STUDENT.UVA.NL
Wed Nov 11 13:10:32 CET 1998

At 19:26 10-11-98 -0800, you wrote:
>Under the Goidan (Armagh) in the Perilous Lands book, Richard Snider
>mentions that rules for Druids and Bards are forthcoming.  I am aware
>that due to circumstance they were not released but has anyone
>developed anything in this area - I'd love to see it!
>Tim Falkenberg.
I did not develop anything on that area, but in my opinion, the published
rules suffice. Druids are human Sidh magicians, and as for the Bard, I would
suggest a human Qadishtu or Kalu priest serving some Elder or Sidh Power.

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